ADSL Industrial router with Cellular backup
( WAN : 1 ADSL + 1 3G+/4G monde or LTEM/NBIoT, LAN : 4 Eth)

IPL-DAC-400-LW: WAN connection: ADSL with 3G+/4G worldwide backup
IPL-DAC-400-LM : WAN connection: ADSL with LTEM/NBIoT backup
LAN connection: 4 Ethernet ports
IP30 metal casing with DIN rail fixing system
Up to 10 VPN links (OpenVPN or IPSec)
Firewall (Statefull Packet Inspection)
Remote Access for PC, Tablet PC and Smartphone
Html – Https configuration
Temperature: -20° / +70°
Compatible with option Collect & Alert
Compatible with option M2Me
Compatible with option Store4Me