M2Me solution is dedicated to remotely maintain and control any type of industrial devices (PLC, HMI, Drive, …). Using M2Me you can from your PC, your tablet or your smartphone be “teleported” in real time and safely onto the remote site you want to monitor or maintain.

Simple configuration


Ultra-secure connection

(Ethernet, 4G/3G+, Wi-Fi)

Dashboard display in the Cloud


Data logger & Alarms

SMS, E-mail, e*message, MQTTs, HTTPs, OPC UA, compatible with MindSphere & EcoStruxure Machine Advisor

LoRa gateway
GPS tracking (option)
5 year warranty


Simplicity of implementation

RAS is delivered together with a Wizard.

Plant network integrity

The RAS establishes an outgoing VPN connection that does not require any modification of the existing plant network (firewall, proxy, …).

A non-intrusive solution

The technology guarantees that the operator can only connect to the machine network and in no case to the other equipment of the industrial site.

A secure solution

M2Me relies on VPN technology and implements authentication to the M2Me server by certificates for the remote user and the RAS.

Management of access rights

The RAS allows a personalized management of access rights allowing an operator to connect to all or part of the equipment.

Wireless solution for isolated sites

Some RAS have a 3G + or 4G connection to establish an Internet link through a cellular network.

Wireless access to industrial equipment

Some machines may be difficult to access in the factory. The optional RAS Wi-Fi hotspot allows you to remotely configure the Machine Access Box from a PC or a tablet.

Wireless Internet access via Wi-Fi

The RAS optionally has a Wi-Fi client that allows access to the Internet via a Wi-Fi access point of the industrial site or by using its smartphone in connection-sharing mode.

Solution compatible with alarms sending and data logger

The Collect & Alert option allows the raising of alarms and its transmission (CSV files). The alerted manager can then visualize Web pages or take the hand (VPN) on the PLC or the HMI of the machine.

A sustainable solution

The RAS is an industrial device with their 5 year warranty.


Thanks to Ras Fleet Manager, you simplify the management of your fleet of Machine Access Box by updating automatically the lists of remote maintenance sites and by centralizing in the RFM the management of the access rights for each operator.