IPL Industrial Routers and XSLAN Ethernet Extenders provide a simple and secure way to interconnect your remote industrial equipment. These highly resistant products are dedicated to the water, energy, industry and smart cities markets.

Connecting to a SCADA system

Building of a complete solution with a SIG located close to the SCADA system. The IPL located onto the remote sites are interconnected to the SIG (VPN tunnels) If the number of remote sites is large, two SIG can be installed in parallel to share the throughput.

Industrial equipment networking

Using VPN technology (OpenVPN, IPSEC), you can safely interconnect equipment. One of the IPL will act as a VPN concentrator.

Routers with emergency backup link

Critical sites can also be equipped with IPL routers capable of managing a main link and a backup link. For example, the IPL-DAC router allows you to switch data over the 4G / 3G+ network when the ADSL link fails.


A complete range of products

Etic Telecom is your one-stop shop for building a SCADA solution by offering all the basic building blocks of a SCADA system: VPN Concentrator (SIG) Industrial Router (IPL), SHDSL Switch (XSLAN).

Expertise and service

Since 1985, Etic Telecom offers its customers its know-how in Telecom & Networks, from the design (definition with the client of its Telecom architecture), to help in the implementation of the solution.

An industrial range

Etic Telecom products are Simple Safe and Solid. With 5 years warranty, the new Din Rail range of industrial routers and VPN servers meets the highest requirements.

Free of charge DYNDNS solution

Remote sites can be interconnected via cellular IPL using Etic Telecom proprietary DYNDNS function (EticDNS). You would thus only need a basic data subscription with a non-fixed public IP address.