Solution EticDisplay

EticDISPLAY is dedicated to managers of industrial equipment and processes. This software option of RAS or IPL boxes allows the collection and the display of industrial data from a client customized dashboard. The dashboard can be easily consulted on the Internet from a PC, a tablet or a smartphone.

Geolocalised dashboard
Simple and secured access to the dashboard (https)
Simple and fast creation of the dashboard
Option of RAS & IPL boxes
1 The device (RAS or IPL) periodically queries variables on the industrial equipment.
2 The Device (RAS or IPL) transmits real-time and secure data to the cloud Etic DISPLAY.
3 The operator simply consults his WEB page.


Solution available on RAS & IPL

This software feature can be installed on any Machine Access Box (RAS) or Industrial Routers (IPL) commercialized by Etic Telecom.

Solution compatible with the M2Me offer for remote maintenance and monitoring

EticDisplay together with the solution offers a comprehensive, secured and simple monitoring solution with dashboard vizualisation and remote maintenance of the industrial process.

Creation of customized WEB pages

On the basis of specifications, Etic Telecom produces a dashboard for visualizing industrial data. Etic telecom also provides the toolbox allowing the partner to create his own WEB pages.

Consulting the dashboard without specific tools

Without the installation of additional software on your terminal (PC, smartphone, tablet PC), you can securely access your dashboard using a browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, …).