Solution Collect & Alert

Collect & Alert is dedicated to managers of industrial equipment and processes.

This solution is a software option for RAS & IPL products. It permits the collection, the storage and the transmission of industrial data (Data Logger) but also the alarm upload from an industrial equipment by SMS, e-mail or e*message.

Data collection

ModBus TCP, RTU, Unitelway, DNP3 up to 128 variables

Data storage

Internal memory (50 MB) USB key Micro-SD card

Alert management

Notification by SMS or e-mail solution compatible with e*message Web page giving the histogram of a variable

1 The Machine Access Box queries periodically variables on the industrial equipment
2 An inappropriate variable value triggers an alert via SMS, e-mail or e*message
3 The remote operator is alerted and acknowledges the alert via SMS or locally (digital input)
4 The Data Logger feature offers the data storage inside the box (50MB) on a USB key or micro-SD card. The CSV file is then pushed via FTP or e-mail.


Solution available on RAS & IPL

This software feature can be installed on any Machine Access Box (RAS) or industrial routers (IPL) commercialized by Etic Telecom.

Customization of the files

You can configure the queried frequency and the number of variables. The size of the file to be stored but also its location is configurable.

Solution compatible with the M2Me offer for remote maintenance and monitoring

Collect & Alert together with the solution offers a comprehensive, secured and simple alert solution with Data Logger and remote maintenance of the device generating the alarm.

Alert via SMS without cellular subscription

The SMS Pack option enables you to send an alarm via SMS on a non-cellular Etic Telecom device having an ADSL, Wi-Fi or Ethernet WAN connectivity.

Solution compatible e*message

You can also send an alarm using the e*message network (Alphapage) and receive a notification on a pager.