SYDEC trusts IPL for its remote management of drinking and wastewater.

The Landes Municipal Equipment Departmental Syndicate has deployed IPL-C-100 and IPL-C-400 in order to interconnect its operating sites (brands used: Perax, Sofrel, Wit, Scadapack Schneider, PFC200 Wago, Tbox) connected to its Topkapi Supervision.

Etic Telecom’s cellular router caught SYDEC’s attention for its reliability, ease of use and the quality of service provided.

The simple and inexpensive update of the cellular box that allowed an easy switch from 3G to 4G without complete replacement of the equipment was also a decisive economic argument in the constitution of the partnership, while ensuring security at the network level (APN private dedicated with certificate management).

To date, more than 300 operating sites are equipped with the IPL solution.