Aguas del Añarbe chooses IPL routers to secure connections from the drinking water treatment system.

Aguas del Añarbe is a major Spanish player that distributes drinking water to more than 300,000 people around San Sebastian (Basque Country, Spain).

Since 2016, Aguas del Añarbe has been using Etic Telecom XSLAN products connected to Schneider Electric PLCs for the interconnection of its pumping stations and tanks with the control station.

In partnership with eXDCi Solutions, Aguas de Añarbe is today strengthening the security of its sensitive connections by adding IPL-DEC-400 routers to its network, offering an additional backup link in Ethernet with 4G backup.

The customer selected Etic Telecom’s IPL routers for the local technical support provided by its partner eXDCi Solutions and for the ease of installation and the robustness of the product.